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Video Night – LOOP Festival Barcelona
Jorge Galindo & Santiago Sierra. © Jorge Galindo and Santiago Sierra.
Mur Island by Vito Acconci
Polka - Laboratory at the exhibition Surprising Ingenuity - Austrian Design in Milan, 2010
O.&A./F!D! (TO I.K. and G.F.), Joseph Kosuth, Vienna Art Week 2011
"The Slope" at Aichi World Expo, 2005
Austrian Design in Barcelona
Winter Sun by Liquid Loft at the Austrian Pavilion, EXPO Zaragoza 2008
Fardo de 1000 x 400 x 250 cm by Santiago Sierra, at the ART&IDEA gallery, Mexico City, 1997
Opening performance at Flow Festival of Culture, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2008
Performance at Predicting Memories Exhibition (Vienna Art Week 2012)


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